• Integrated to meet any Management system frame work
  • Improve collaboration, decision making, efficiency and productivity
  • Foster sustainability and customer centricity

Time saving

Tasks executed faster. Become more effective in quality management. Detailed and incisive real time data for decision making. Efficiency gains across.


Adaptable to multiple Management system standards. Configurable to any organisational structure, locations, departments.

Execution focus

Integrated Action tracking for corrective actions from audits, incidents and meetings. Update task completion from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.



EzyPro Adaptive Management system (QHSE) is a powerful way to integrate compliance, performance, and continuous improvement. EzyPro QHSE, a one stop solution for compliance, maintenance, and operational control. Increase efficiency, share information, and collaborate. Its modular approach offers flexible subscriptions according to needs.

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EzyPro Healthcare


EzyPro Healthcare - Hospital Quality Management system with integrated action tracking and dashboards for meeting requirements such as NABH and JCI. designed as a centralized hub for continuous improvement throughout the Healthcare unit. Option available for remote consultancy service for implementation support.

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Comprehensive maintenance management solution bundled for the first time with QHSE Management system. Extend equipment lifespans, improve time efficiency and equipment uptime resulting in reduced costs and increased profits. With a QR code assisted asset retrieval, easily manage work orders for repairs, maintenance or transfer of assets.

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EzyPro Post-Covid MSS

EzyPro Post-Covid MSS

Accelerate adoption of digital quality management solutions to thrive in a Post-Covid business environment. Optimise costs, increase efficiency in processes, sharing of information and collaboration. From incident reporting, inspections and audits to asset maintenance all in a cost-effective, speedy implementation to become self- reliant and competitive.

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Designed for the ISO 2015 Framework
Three-step high level transition
Internal Auditing
Corrective Action definition
Incident Reporting and Investigations
Action Tracking
Document Placeholder
Management System Development
Advanced Dashboards


Designed for the Healthcare Sector
Internal Auditing
Incident Reporting and Investigations
Action Tracker
Management Reviews
Document Placeholder
Continuous Quality Improvement
Complying with multiple standards such as NABH and JCI


QR code scanning
Equipment history
Preventive Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance
AMC and SLA Tracker
Work order System
Work Scheduling
Mobile web interface

EzyPro Post-Covid MSS

EzyPro Audit
Incident Management
Complaint Management
Action Tracking
Document Placeholder
License Tracker
Asset and Maintenance
Change Management

Get to know EzyPro

Management system software for the cloud, mobile era. Get more for less.

Why EzyPro QHSE

Focus on Business Benefits & Usage

It is reliability and availability that determines robustness in digital Management system, technology is an enabler. This is the philosophy of EzyPro Software modules and Software as a service. The return on your investment will be visible in a short while.

Truly Integrated

Our Management System Software integrates the compliance status of all your departments, locations and branches in different geographies while also giving enhanced visibility to your continual improvement projects and Management systems performance. If necessary the data aggregation and reporting process can be extended to your supplier organizations.

Customizable SAAS

Inherently SAAS provides various benefits for customers even without customization. However, our unique database structure makes customization easy and client specific. True to this spirit, our Management system solution is a SAAS software that is highly customizable for each customer,making it unique.

Pay As You Go

Select a subscription model based on the size and depth of your operations. Even the most affordable plans have all the essential features of our end-to-end service. Simple online payment.

Excellent Service & Support

Customer Support is the critical differentiator for a firm to accept a new service. Being a comprehensive web-based product with extensive configuration and management capabilities, our solution is managed from a single point, facilitating effective management & support.

EzyPro Features - A Tour

Ezypro is hosted on Azure data centres using the latest infrastructure technologies, for high reliability, resilience, trustworthy online experience so that our customers can boost their capabilities to meet QHSE demands and without adding hardware maintenance complexities plus expensive up-front costs.


No longer is it imperative that users remain tied to a desktop for discharging their management system roles.

Audit on the go iPad app.

Mobile friendly customer portal for Action Tracking, Incident Reporting, Document Placeholder

Browse through the Customer portal from any tablet.

Fastest way to transform your management system