Cloud-based systems are inherently flexible; you can upgrade and downgrade plans more quickly, without the constraints of an in-house server. You can buy and run with add-on modules easily. Cloud-based delivery models help to eliminate IT administrative burden, allowing users to focus on the business and not the software. Modular systems tend to be very scalable because each part of the software—whether corrective action, audits, or action tracking—can be expanded as much as necessary. You can access your environment from anywhere in the world, through your web browser, meaning functionality is always at your fingertips.

INTEGRATED APPROACH - An integrated approach for operational compliance across departments and branches. Seamless operations and easy retrieval from desktops or iPad’s and mobile. FLEXIBLE - Internal Audits/assessments can be scheduled at any time to cover all checkpoints. Incidents can be captured from a mobile, corrective actions tracked, reviews planned and actions monitored and closed. Dashboards lets you quickly see the health of the management system INTRINSIC VALUE - Attractive pricing, easy to use, customised implementation, low initial investment, responsive service and support, ability to provide consultants.

The Customer portal is the customer interface of EzyPro Management system Solution and is configured/enabled as soon as a customer confirms an order, it will remain active and is role based. Individual user access is determined and controlled by the organization’s site administrator. The full feature customer portal is a web application with browser access, no installation needed just a username and password to access. There is a mobile friendly version, an iPad application for auditing, these are components for a customer to enable to work on different devices both when online and offline giving flexibility.

The customer portal will remain active, access to users is based on roles assigned, however if subscriptions or fees are unpaid, the portal features will become inactive. If a customer wishes to exit, he can download reports and certain data to his desktop. However, after a free trial if the user does not avail the service, the trial data will be deleted.

Based on the plan, the no of users will vary. Since Management systems require the involvement of many, our pricing is generous on user base. Our pricing is based on configuration, data structure and size. Please check the pricing calculator to determine your plan.

We have provided a document placeholder to upload management system documentation. Please note this is not a full feature document management system with workflow management for initiation, approval and revisions. Reports from audits, CAPA, Action tracker can be generated at any time from the data that is available in the database. Both web and pdf reports can be linked to audits executed and CAPA .There is a limit for storage GB for each plan, when exceeded it is chargeable.

Yes, the Portal has features to enable upto three site administrators who can administer the site. All this can be accomplished by setting up at the ‘Manage Portal’ feature.

Following security features are built in : Forced user SSL security with 128 bit session encryption. Application-controlled logins which are hashed and stored using SHA-1 cryptography. Premier hosting on virtual private server, provider using industry-leading Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems in World Class Data Centre. Three sets of your data stored, one kept separated to protect from digital intrusion (hacking), malicious viruses and for physical separation. Data downloads on excel to authorized users. Confidentiality agreements with all staff , internal passwords are tightly controlled and all data on Ipad are cleared onces uploaded to servers.

Yes, we use premier hosting on virtual private server, provider using industry-leading Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems in World Class Data Centre.

Yes can be done by the site administrator using the Manage Portal feature.

Yes, Customer Portal is a company- wide utility, using the profile update the Site administrator can update the sites and associated entities to be covered in the scope of the management system.

The routine for password resetting is automated in the same manner as all contemporary website are.

There is a help desk to help you, we can support you over phone too. A three month window period is also there for all portals before it is made inactive on account of defaulting of payments.

Each plans prescribes the locations, departments, internal auditors, users and storage space, these usage statistics are displayed. One can upgrade, downgrade as needed. You can downgrade your plan at any time, Discounts are given based on the level of upfront payments made at sign up.

Since this is a cloud based service we will ensure uptime, however there will always be a help desk that you can reach out to solve your specific queries.

Disabling cookies may prevent some features of the customer portal from working correctly, example chat .This may mean that you are prompted to re-enter information that would normally have been stored in a cookie and your session data lost.

In general no, since they are rendered as a web report in PDF. Using PDF converter it may be possible to convert as Microsoft office documents. Now the MS office 365 service allows it.

Since EzyPro software is bundled as part of our offering, the quotation will have an annual plan bundled along with the services. But If the customer is already a subscriber then it will not be included. For on site professional services, costs are based on the effort of work and expertise needed. Costs will include all onsite and offsite time and any reimbursable expenses. Quotation for on site services will contain the detailed break-up of fees for various stages. The project will be initiated only after a sign-off is agreed. There will be full transparency on the billing.

You will get experienced professionals to deliver your specific work, all costs agreed upfront. Karminn’s unique EzyPro portal will become your one stop place to store all your compliance status. By being part of the Karminn network you can differentiate yourself and customers will increase their trust while you internally enhance the efficiency in managing your systems.

The customer portal is your secure Management system work space which has many features to manage your management system.

The software services are delivered based on subscription, there are monthly and annual payment plans and engagements as a project. It will have a quotation, an order confirmation that will detail the stage payments. Invoices will be raised as per terms of the agreement.

For software services all current plans include all core features. In future, there may be new features added as additional modules and the users can subscribe additionally if relevant. For services rendered using the Consultant network model, Quotation will have break up of all services and payment terms. It will be Karminn’s endeavor to deliver the highest comparable value compared to any competition of standing.