EzyPro Healthcare Quality Indicators (HQI)

Upload, track, analyse, compare and contrast data insights related to your HCO quality indicators with ease.
Improve clinical quality, patient experience and satisfaction
  • Reduce time for KPI reporting and collation
  • Keep the organisation up-to- date with QI trends
  • Discard complex, unreliable spread sheets
  • Get excel outputs with no effort
  • Smart real time visualization for easy understanding

Health care quality indicators prescribed by NABH are scientifically valid, clinically relevant and have the potential to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of patient care across the nation. Be a Leader in this National Pursuit.

What gets measured gets done
  • Easy
  • • Smart
  • • Fast

Powerful. Efficient. Visual.

Select QIs

Select NABH KPI from the library with pre-configured measures and formulae

Assign Data custodians

Set up data custodians, schedule data entry from form based upload of data from mobile, alerted on time.

View in QI panel

QI goal panel becomes live after a data quality check and approval. Audit trail of data easily done.

Data Import

You can easily download the data into excel

Efficient and Effective

I did not expect that QI’s can be presented so elegantly in dashboard charts without much effort

Quality Manager

It is so simple to use, I wonder why nobody thought about this earlier?

Data collection team


Saves time and money

The azure cloud deployment and data download has allayed our security concerns; in fact, its simplicity is remarkable.

IT administrator

Retrieval is easy, data is updated on our upload schedule and it did not cost us a bomb.

Top Management


EzyPro Healthcare Quality Indicators – Explainer

Measure, monitor and initiate outcome improvements with ease.

What you Get

˜Add Quality Indicators in a progressive manner

Start with selected critical clinical and non-clinical Quality Indicators and progressively add on

Upload input data from mobile phones

“Data custodians” can input data measures from mobile devices as per scheduled intimations

Assign, alert and monitor for data inputs from various data custodians

Update data fields on a ‘just in time’ basis. Validate and assure data consistency

Eliminate Paper work and spread sheets

True Digital transformation of QI data management. Go Green with no effort.

Holistically analyse quality performance trends in QI Panel

Centralized aggregation of Quality data from dispersed data across the hospital

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