The full cycle incident and complaint management software

  • Service quality
  • Workplace safety
  • Accidents
  • Patient / Customer Satisfaction
  • Property damage
Handle any incident, complaint category, near misses, unsafe conditions.

Systematically handle any incident, complaint, near misses, unsafe conditions. Easily and quickly report an incident. Seamlessly link root cause analysis and actions. Generate Reports with ease.

Become Efficient and Effective….. by choice

Healthcare Specific

Meets Health Authority guidelines
Healthcare incident reporting includes Sentinel events capture.

Business Generic

Meets QHSE -ISO guidelines
Increasing reported incidents has direct impact on increased safety and service quality.

Easy to report,easy to act

The Incident Dashboard is a nice way way to share the learnings from reported opportunities to improve

Compliance Officer

Reporting is so easy, no paper forms to fill, I also get to see what happens to what I had reported.



Secure and cost effective

EzyPro Incident is the most cost effective incident management software in the market when we factor the free mobile app and the web link, so many more can report incidents

Site Administrator

The azure cloud and access control by us has allayed our security concerns

IT administrator


What you Get

Easy reporting

Online,real-time information . Mobile photo capture with information tags for root cause analysis.

Faster and more frequent

No limits to reporting.Register and assign actions to teams.Respond and prevent reoccurrence.

Offline Reporting

Android and iPhone apps give you offline reporting capability.Sync when connected.

Eliminate Paper work

Digital transformation of incident reporting process. Pdf reports can be generated at any time and transmitted.Go Green with no effort.

Collaborate easier

Assign tasks and track closure actions with ease. Make incident reporting a culture and a movement within your organisation

Reminders vide email,SMS

Automated notifications and escalations based on roles.Leave the reminding to Ezypro Incident.Email and SMS rendering that you control

Features - A Tour

EzyPro Incident Management – Explainer

Incident management made simpler, easier and more effective

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It is no longer imperative for users to be tied to a desktop for performing their management system roles. EzyPro is available on smartphones, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

EzyProLite mobile app

Mobile-enabled customer portal for action tracking, incident reporting and document placeholder.

Browse through the Customer portal from any tablet.

Fastest way to transform your management system

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