• Execute ad-hoc or planned inspections
  • Checklist driven application
  • Field inspections, housekeeping, safety rounds, many use cases
  • Consistent inspection outcomes and prompt corrective actions
  • Instant shareable reports and statistics
  • Bundled with incident reporting

Regular inspection rounds are the most effective way to monitor the universal condition of your facilities, assets in the field and to initiate timely rectification.

Inspections reveal supervisory lapses even if they are isolated acts
  • Easy
  • • Smart
  • • Fast

Powerful. Efficient. Visual.

Select QIs

Select NABH KPI from the library with pre-configured measures and formulae

Assign Data custodians

Set up data custodians, schedule data entry from form based upload of data from mobile, alerted on time.

View in QI panel

QI goal panel becomes live after a data quality check and approval. Audit trail of data easily done.

Data Import

You can easily download the data into excel

A new experience for a paper checklist user

I love its user interface; it was a “WhatsApp moment” for me when I started using it


True empowerment happens when conditions can be reported with evidence and action party intimated. Safety becomes everybody’s business.

Safety Manager

Inspection Audit UI

Inspections are the norm to maintain standards

When excellence is pursued, inspection and monitoring must be implemented effectively.

Top Management

My security concerns were allayed when I learnt that the inspection data is instantly uploaded to server and not stored in the mobile.

IT administrator

Inspection Dashboard

EzyPro Inspections – Explainer

Go Paperless in one go!

What you Get

Inspect products, facility, conditions

Capture compliance ,request rectification of non-conformance, initiate actions and update completion seamlessly

Inspect your condition of your equipment

Report and request rectification of your equipment geo tag them and send request via messaging

Custom build inspection checklist and share it

Manage, create and deploy checklists from the checklist manager. Share it across

Device independent experience

Record Inspection using any laptop, tablet, and smartphone

Easily schedule inspections

Schedule inspections easily, calendar view available.

Inspection Performance summary

Get overall outcomes of inspections, status statistics

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