About Us

The core management team that is behind Karminn Consultancy Network and Ezypro Software is a multifaceted team led by Ramesh Krishnakumar (NRK) a former Director and Global Leadership Team member of Det Norske Veritas a leading certification body. He has extensive exposure to Management Systems and standards over several decades.

It was with a view to disrupt the largely paper based system and use of disparate excel sheets that they embarked on this digital transformation idea tapping on the cloud and mobile technologies that offered many cost-effective options. The EzyPro suite is a result of this teams deep developmental effort.

Through the years, our experience and insights made us conclude that management system activities – essential for evaluating operational compliance with standards and enhancing process efficiency – are undertaken to satisfy statutory or certifying bodies and their true potential remaining untapped.

Alongside, businesses pay for these assessments and other services conducted by external agencies more on brand perception than the value that they receive. Consultants offer variants of the same canned over-priced assessment solutions to many organisations across domains.

Through this digital disruption Karminn wants to rejig the system and put power back where it belonged - in the Customer’s hands.

We designed a comprehensive suite of applications that Customers could use to conduct sophisticated management system activities on their own, using either their own frameworks or standards defined by international bodies such as ISO, BS, NABH, JCI and so on. Aligned with international trends, the solution is simple to adopt, and cloud enabled for universal access.

Report generation is instantaneous, unlike conventional models where it takes days or weeks to put together. Problem areas are easily remedied using an integrated Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) module. A simple and intuitive interface permits responsibilities and target dates for actions to be fixed and tracked, alerting management of delays.

Surrounding these core SaaS web applications for Healthcare and ISO certified companies Karminn has scheduled to introduced new approaches for developing custom software web applications for specific customer needs and a construction project management Collabnet to support midsize organization involved in infrastructure projects to have a shared collaborative space to monitor quality, safety, progress monitoring and reporting in a construction project involving the customer too.

In all cases, problem areas are easily identified, remedied using an integrated action system. Simple and intuitive interface permits responsibilities and target dates for actions to be fixed and tracked, alerting management of delays.

Since inception, we have become quietly confident that – apart from standards compliance - our model will result in significant productivity gains for the Customer and redefine the very role of Management systems.

Our journey to empower the Customer has only begun.

The Karminn network is managed by a Core management team and Board of Directors. Apart from Mr Krishnakumar, Mr Manoj Pandit, a shipping professional with deep construction project experience and Alumnus of IIM. Mr K. Rajkumar the Head of our software development effort who has built our platform ground up with his talented team, Mr. M Shankara Naryanan, an IT business professional with vast experience and Subhendu Biswas a Sustainability and climate change professional.

Other mentors who have shaped our strategy are Mr. K. Radhakrishnan who headed the Hyper mall Division of Reliance Retail and Mr. Binu Nair who spent two decades in senior positions in MNC Banks.

We are backed by a talented team which continues to deliver the promise we set out to accomplish.

We offer a free trial to Management System aficionados to experience our vision and to engage with us in co-creating its future.